Eureka, South Dakota

Hidden Treasures

Violet Iszler uses 20 years of experience to make her beautiful hand quilted and embroidered quilts. Quilt
Yvonne Rau hand quilts these adorable baby blankets. She started making them for her grandchildren and now enjoys making them for others. baby quilts
Pauline Brinkmeyer enjoys embroidering dish towels - sets or individual. She believes it is good to keep your hands busy. towels
Robert Gab makes nativity barns that are handcrafted from pine board and stained for an antique appearance. nativity
Mary Gab spends 50 to 70 hours making her one-of-a-kind Old World Santas. She makes everything on them from scratch by sewing the coats and molding the faces and hands. santa
Rhona Glaesman was taught by her Grandmother how to make baby quilts and crochet dollies. She spends her free time enjoying her craft. dolls
Irma Koerner enjoys crocheting names to be framed by her husband. crochet
Les Knoepfle creates unique yard art using parts and pieces from old farm machinery. yard ornaments
Lela Fischer crochets afghans (baby and full size) in any color, as well as a variety of doilies. blankets
Lori boschee has acquired her skills in making lamps and wood crafts from craft club. She has been doing this for over 5 years.
Carol Martel uses 30 years of skill to make beautiful jewelry and take gorgeous pictures.
Jim Schumacher uses art classes from college and 10 years of experience to make wonderful sculptures.
David Krumm uses his 10 years of experience to make beautiful iron work. He started his hobby by making an arch for a local cemetery.

Contact Information

Lori Boschee (605) 281-0103 Pauline Brinkmeyer (605) 284-2492
PO Box 536, Eureka, SD 57437
Mary Gab (605) 284-2262
PO Box 595, Eureka, SD 57437
Robert Gab (605) 284-2262
Rhona Glaesman (605) 284-2006
PO Box 543, Eureka, SD 57437
Violet Iszler (605) 284-2755
501 K Ave, Eureka, SD 57437
Les Knoepfle (605) 284-2402
306 E Ave, Eureka, SD 57437
Irma Koerner (605) 284-5102
PO Box 3, Eureka, SD 57437
Carol Martel (605) 284-2350
PO Box 774, Eureka, SD 57437
Yvonne Rau (605) 284-2128
1101 J Ave, Eureka, SD 57437
Jim Schumacher (605) 557-6294
34575 111th St., Eureka, SD 57437
Lela Fischer (605) 284-2431
PO Box 763, Eureka, SD 57437