Eureka, South Dakota

There are many ways that the City of Eureka works to serve the community.  The following are the major departments of the city, including a description of their main functions.  If you need information on or assistance with a particular city function or service, these sections of the website should be helpful to you.

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Finance Office
Kathryn Schulkoski Public Library
Local Law Enforcement
Park Department
Sanitation Department
Sewer Department
Street Department
Water Department

Financial Administration: Responsible for overall city operations. Key staff members include the City Finance Officer and Assistant Finance Officer.

Public safety: Responsible for all safety and emergency activities in the city. Key personnel – McPherson County Sheriff’s Department.

Parks Department: Responsible for maintenance in the City's parks.

Public Works: Responsible for the major utilities and infrastructure of the City. Key staff members include Public Works Director and Assistant Public Works Director.

Street Department top

The City of Eureka has paved streets. Each year the street department reseals a certain number of streets to maintain a good quality of street surfaces.
Snow Removal occurs when there is an accumulation of 3 or more inches of snow. Emergency routes are cleared first. Normally snow removal occurs during the evening or night time hours after the wind has let up.
Eureka is fortunate to have paved streets and curb and gutter along most streets.

Sewer Department top

 SSewer is paid monthly with your water bill. The monthly usage is an average of gallons used during the months of April, May, October, and November and is calculated during the month of February. Sewer rates are $22.00 ($14.50 sewer service and $7.50 sewer base) per month plus $1.00 per thousand average gallons.  

Airport top

Eureka's airport is the Eureka Municipal Airport.
The Eureka Municipal Airport is located 2-3 miles north of Eureka. The runway was repaved in recent years.  In 2006 the Airport was declared "Small Municipal Airport of the Year" award winner.

Finance Office top

The Eureka Finance Office is located at 613 7th Street in Eureka. The Finance Office is responsible for the overall administration of the city handling the city finances, council administration, water, sanitation, and sewer bills, building permits, dog licenses, voter registration, driver's exam renewals, and complaints.

Office hours are Monday-Friday 9:00 to Noon and 1:00 to 5:00.  
Mailing Address:         PO Box 655, Eureka, SD 57437-0655
Physical Address:      613 7th Street, Eureka, SD 57437
Phone: (605) 284-2441
Fax: (605) 284-5322

Kathryn Schulkoski Public Library top

The Kathryn Schulkoski Public Library is located in the basement of the Municipal Building at 613 7th Street in Eureka. The library has a large variety of books, videos, and magazines for all ages. Internet access is available.
Library hours
Monday and Wednesdays 7:00-9:00 p.m.
Thursdays and Saturdays 2:00-5:00 p.m.
Susan Fischer, Librarian

Local Law Enforcement Services top

Law enforcement services are provided through the McPherson County Sheriff Department.  Phone: 439-3400 (Leola Courthouse Office).
  In cases of emergency, please call “911”.

Park Department top

The City of Eureka is home to Lake Eureka. Lake Eureka provides swimming, boating, fishing and other summer recreation.
City parks include a campground, 2 park areas, a swimming beach, tennis courts, and baseball and softball fields.
There is a 9-hole grass green golf course which is leased to the Eureka Municipal Golf Course.

Water Department top

The City of Eureka provides its residents with blended water from 3 city wells and WEB rural water. The water is tested monthly.

The City of Eureka utilizes a radio-read water meter system.  The City will read your meter with a handheld device and send you a monthly bill.

The meters will be read around the 4th Monday of the month and bills will be mailed to the customers around the 1st of the following month. You have until the 20th of the month to pay your bill. If payment is not received by the 20th, a 5% late penalty will be applied. If the bill is not paid IN FULL by month’s end, the late penalty is assessed at 10% and the water will be disconnected on the 1st of the following month.

Water rates are $8.00 per month plus $3.70 per thousand (rounded to the next 100 gallons)
The water meter is the property of the City of Eureka and if it has to be replaced to negligence of the property owner, the property owner will be responsible for paying for the replacement of the meter.

ACH payments-If you wish to have payment for your monthly bill taken out of your bank account, please contact us. ACH payment option is a convenience that will assure that your payment is made on time with no risk of paying late fees.

Every new account is required to pay a $75.00 customer deposit which is refunded after 1 year of faithful payment.

Sanitation Department top

Residential garbage rates of $16.00 per month.  
All garbage is picked up on Friday.  Please have your garbage out at the curbside by 8:00 A.M. to be sure it will be picked up. The City has a contract with Heartland Waste Management of Mobridge, SD, for residential garbage collection. Heartland also provides sanitation services to businesses and deals directly with the owners for services.

The City of Eureka provides curbside pickup of tree branches on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month April through October. Tree branches must be cut into 3 foot lengths or they will not be picked up. City residents may also take tree branches to a designated spot (signs are posted) located by the City Maintenance Building located on B Avenue on the way to the Eureka Municipal Country Club.

Recycling- This includes newspapers and cardboard only. No curbside pickup is available. Residents should take their newspapers and/or cardboard to the recycling trailer which is located by the Eureka Fire Department Station. Signs indicate which area to place these items.

Compost-such as grass, leaves, and garden compost, can be brought  to the compost site which is located by the Eureka City Maintenance Building. Signs have been posted. This area is under surveillance and fines will be imposed for failure to comply with the regulations as posted. No bags, boxes, or branches are allowed at this site.
The Eureka Rubble Site is located north of Eureka.

Keys for the rubble site may be obtained at the Eureka City Finance Office during their regular business hours. The rubble site is also open Saturdays from 1:00 to 4:00 P.M. during the months of April thru September.  The rubble site is located north of Eureka. (go north of the museum and turn west right before you get to the airport-approximately 2 miles north and 1 1/2 west)
You can bring white goods (appliances), tires, wood, steel, sheetrock, plaster, and other construction materials, compost, grass clippings and tree branches to the rubble site.  No household garbage of any kind is allowed at this site. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THE SIGNS AT THE SITE TO SEE WHERE TO DEPOSIT YOUR ITEMS!

  Fees will be charged for items taken to the rubble site.  There is no charge for compost and trees.