Eureka, South Dakota

During the summer of 2003 Bonnie Serr and Wanda Jundt met with Bob Sutton of the South Dakota Community Foundation while at a leadership conference in Chamberlain. Bob was new on the job and was one of the contacts available for community development and improvement.

In January 2004 he called Jundt and asked if Eureka would be interested in establishing a community foundation.

On January 26 he met in the ECDC office with Wanda Jundt, David Roggenkamp, Sherlock Hirning, Pastor Dale Clark, Mayor Ron Cooper and Joe Baisley. That same group met once more to discuss the possibility and decided that more community input was needed.

A meeting was set for February 18 at the Information Center. Notices were put on the radio and in the newspaper and invitations were sent to about 30 people. Bob Sutton from the South Dakota Community Foundation and Beth Davis from SD Rural Enterprise, Inc. were on hand to present options to about 10 community members. Following the meeting Wanda Jundt, Dr. James Anderson, Joe Baisley, Pastor Dale Clark, Greg Schock and Craig Rau stayed for discussion. It was decided that a community foundation should be established.

A meeting was held on February 26, 2004 and it was decided to ask 4 additional people to be a part of the board (Jundt was representing ECDC at the meetings, but did not wish to be a member of the official board). Those people were Milbert Schick, Peter Mehlhaff, Kathy Gab and Carolyn Oster.

This group created the Eureka Area Community Foundation to benefit non-profit and charitable organizations and causes in the Eureka area. The foundation is a legal entity that represents permanently endowed funds within the South Dakota Community Foundation.

In September 2004 the city of Eureka was informed of a legal settlement by the South Dakota Attorney Generals office concerning the sale of the Eureka nursing home by Banner Health Systems the proceeds from this settlement needed to be permanently invested and the proceeds from these funds were to be used only for health care and elderly related issues. The city decided that the funds ($100,000.00) should be turned over to the Eureka Area Community Foundation for their management. These funds are called the Banner Settlement Fund.

At the same time the South Dakota Community Foundation gave the Eureka Area Community Foundation a $25,000.00 grant to begin their undesignated fund. The proceeds from these funds may be used for any project that fits the grant guide lines established by the board of directors.

In May 2008 the first disbursements from the fund were made. The board has distributed grants from the proceeds of the funds each year there after.